Advertising – Are you buying, or are you being sold?

It’s happened to most businesses…you arrive at work to find the seventh message from the ad rep from your community newspaper, magazine, or radio station. He or she has a great opportunity that has an impending deadline.

“It just so happens that this month our magazine has a focus on a subject relating directly to [your product or service] and you surely wouldn’t want to miss this opportunity” or “There happens to be a spot available on page three because of a last minute cancellation, the other client couldn’t get his material on time.” The sales rep is nice and/but persistent and he has persuaded you to agree this short-term advertising buy.

The truth of the matter is, businesses that are sold advertising in this manner end up spending more money annually on advertising (with lesser results) than those who plan and buy their advertising in advance.
Planning and buying advertising in a well-organized fashion allows the time to plan your budget, determine your target market, generate a strategy or campaign, and finally follow through with highly creative ads.

The benefits to a well laid out advertising buy are numerous, and here is a shortlist:

1. A well-planned advertising strategy will allow you to define and target your market, based on your determined needs.

2. Creative, well-crafted, and objective driven advertising will be more effective than last-minute ads created in haste by the magazine, newspaper or radio station. Their objective is to fill ad space in a quick and efficient manner. From a production standpoint, their graphic designers create ads, but for the most part are responsible for the production of the entire magazine. Designing and getting an ad approved rapidly is essential to the bottom line of the publication; therefore the effectiveness of your ad is not of the highest priority.

3. Consistent and frequent advertising will increase presence in your desired target market, and add prominence to your business as the sector leader in your community. This encourages an environment where potential clients will systematically compare your competitors products and services to your own, often turning your competition into a powerful marketing resource for your company.

4. When you plan your advertising in advance and submit your ads before the deadlines, you become a very valuable client. With negotiation, the value you create is easily leveraged into cost savings as well as preferential treatment for editorial features and positioning. This will stretch your advertising budget and increase the effectiveness substantially every time.

Knowing that your expenses are under your control, and your advertising plan is being executed regularly in a professional manner, will offer peace of mind that this aspect of your business is taken care of, thus giving you more time to concentrate on what makes your product or service the best choice for the consumer.

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