Forget fad and crash diets; get back to basics

New research released by Vancouver supplement company, SD Pharmaceuticals, reveals that a staggering 80% of Vancouverites claim to have With summer upon us, many Vancouverites will be considering crash dieting to look good this summer – with 42% having tried it before and 15% of respondents saying they are tempted. An additional 45% admit to taking weight-loss supplements to shed the pounds.

Of the 67% of Vancouverites planning to get fit just for the summer months, 30% admitted they are shaping up to lose weight for the beach and to feel good in their summer wardrobe.

What is holding us back from losing weight?
Temptation, a lack of sleep, drinking and stress are all being blamed as factors preventing weight loss. See graphic below for official rankings.

Long-term weight-loss solutions:
According to fitness expert, nutritionist and CEO of SD Pharmaceuticals, Don Gauvreau: “There are many fad diets out there claiming to give instant results when it comes to weight loss but, ultimately, you need to go back to the basics – a balanced health and fitness regiment. Through healthy eating and regular exercise, people see a difference in how they feel and look. Vancouver is known for being an active city so I’m surprised that a lot of people are still relying on quick fixes to look good. We should know better and adjust our habits accordingly!”

Are you planning to slim down for summer? Or, do you focus on staying health year-round?

* SD Pharmaceuticals online survey. 500 people polled.

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