Your busy lifestyle exercise program for the home

Full-body Routine 1 – In the Home

(to fatigue)*
1. Face the Wall Squat
1-3 Sets**
2. Push-ups with Pelvic Twists
1-3 Sets**
3. Chair Shoulder Press
1-3 Sets**
4. Shoulder – Floor Flatteners
1-3 Sets**
5. Shin Shimmer Toe Taps
1-3 Sets**
6. Functional Pick-ups
1-3 Sets**
7. Low Back Pain Preventer Ramp
1-3 Sets**
8. Thigh Slimmer Side Plank
1-3 Sets**

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Face the Wall Squat
Purpose: Strengthens Legs, Buttocks and Spinal Erectors
1. Stand facing a wall with your toes 3-inches from the wall (no further), and feet shoulder-width apart.
2. While gripping the head of a dumbbell (or paint can, or object etc), squat down slightly.
3. As you squat, look slightly down and glide your forehead along the wall (barely touching the wall)
4. Stick you buttocks out making a “ski-jump ramp” arch in your lower back
5. Pause in the bottom position for 2-5 seconds; the dumbbell is close to, but NOT touching the floor
6. Raise-up to the top position
7. Repeat this squat for 8-12 reps

Shoulder – Floor Flatteners
Purpose: Strengthens Back of Shoulder and mid-spine muscles
1. Lie on your back with your knees bent and feet hip-width apart
2. Place your arms on the floor in the “hands-up” position (elbows bent to 90◦); make two fists
3. Push your fists and elbows against the floor (pretend someone is trying to pull them off the floor and you are resisting)
4. Keep pushing into the floor while sliding your hands above your head, keeping the elbows bent
5. The movement should take 2-5 seconds each way (I.E 5-second up and 5-seconds down)

Push-ups with Pelvic Twists
Purpose: Strengthens Chest, Abdominals and Spinal Rotators
1. Place you hands on the floor 12-inches aside from each shoulder (very wide)
2. Start from your knees, and if easy for you to do, then move to your feet
3. Keep your body straight and “board-stiff” during the entire exercise
4. Lower to the bottom position and hold there until you perform six pelvic twists
5. The pelvis must touch the pad on the floor with each twist
6. Then raise-up to the starting position for a fraction of a second (no resting in the top position)
7. Repeat for 8-12 push-ups

Chair Shoulder Press
Purpose: Strengthens Back of Shoulder and Spinal Erectors
1. Sitting with your knees bent to 90◦, press your heels into floor and raise your forefoot off the floor
2. Raise two dumbbells in front of you with the dumbbells at eye level; point your elbows down to the floor
3. Lean forward at the hips; keep your upper body straight and “board-stiff” during the entire exercise
4. Hold this “down” position for 2-5 seconds
5. Raise both dumbbells to the top position (E.G. biceps by your ears) and hold there for another 2-5 seconds; arms straight
6. Dig your heels into the floor for additional support and strength
7. Repeat 8-12 reps

Wall Toe Taps
Purpose: Strengthens Front of Shin
1. Lean back against a wall with your feet 6-inches from the wall and hip width apart
2. Knees are straight
3. Raise your forefoot and toes off the floor as high-up a possible and hold for 10-seconds
4. After 10-seconds, pulse your foot up and down, WITHOUT touching the floor
5. Do this pulsing for 60-seconds

Chair Pick-ups
Purpose: Strengthens Back of thighs and Spinal Erectors and Spinal Stabilizers
1. Stand behind the back of a chair and place your feet under the chair so your knees touch the chair
2. Bend your knees slightly and then bend forward over the chair with a “straight spine”
3. Pick-up the chair with straight arms and your elbows locked
4. Stand-up while gently pushing your pelvis into the back of the chair and “lean-back”
5. Keep your arms straight the entire time
6. This pelvic thrust is the essence of the exercise and is used to push the chair out and in front of you
7. Hold this “standing Lean back” pose for 5-seconds
8. Lower the chair until it is only a few inches from the floor
9. Hold this position for 2-5 seconds; then repeat the “chair pick-ups”
10. Look down and slightly ahead of your (4-6-feet)

The Ramp – Low back pain preventer
Purpose: Strengthens Back of Legs, Buttocks and Lower Back
1. Lie on your back with your knees bent and feet hip-width apart
2. Raise your hips off the floor to the height of your knees
3. Hold this “up” position for 2-5 seconds
4. Lower your hips slightly, but, do not rest them on the floor during the entire set
5. Repeat 8-12 reps

Thigh Slimmer Side Plank
Purpose: Strengthens Inner Thigh and Spinal Muscles
1. Stand side-ways 2-4 feet from a bench, chair or counter-top
2. Place one hand on bench or counter-top while the other is by your side
3. Lift the inside knee up in front and hold for 5-seconds
4. Then move the inside knee and foot far behind you and hold for 5-seconds
5. Keep your entire body straight and “board-stiff” during the entire exercise
6. Perform 1 set, which is “6 knees in front and 6 behind”
7. This exercise is for the standing leg’s inner thigh and groin muscles

1. You must reach fatigue during the last rep of your set. This “exercise to momentary muscular fatigue” concept is crucial in order to accelerate your progress and results for your efforts. The muscle must reach a point within 8-12 repetitions when it is unable to perform the NEXT repetition with proper technique due to fatigue and muscle “burn” from the accumulation of lactic acid.

2. 1-3 Sets – Start with one set for 3-weeks then gradually increase one set for the next 3-weeks until you are doing 3 sets to muscular fatigue. Do not increase your sets if you have been inconsistent in your training

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