3 Business Pinterest Trends to Watch

As the third most important social network in the U.S. (with 104 million users) and one of the fastest growing, has attracted the attention of businesses and e-retailers around the world. Since its beginning in 2009, Pinterest has successfully leveraged the visual culture of the Web into a user-friendly, eminently marketable platform that no business can afford to ignore.

More than a simple shareable pinboard, Pinterest can be used by businesses to increase awareness and sales through these three major trends.

Visual marketing

“A picture is worth a thousand words”, the old saying goes. With Pinterest, you can focus on the visual side of your marketing plan to focus on what your product looks like. Users on Pinterest have little patience for words; they enjoy beautiful images that will spark their creativity and fit nicely in one of their pinboards.

Browse some of your followers’ pinboards to see their interests and build attractive visuals targeting them. Popular pins can be shared hundreds of times within a few minutes; why ignore this chance to let your fans speak on your behalf? Don’t forget to take the time to listen to their comments and to consider your followers’ input when pinning or repinning.


There is no doubt that businesses now need strong community-building platforms in order to be competitive in this new age of social media. Pinterest should be part of your community-building efforts, along with Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Community-building means gathering people who care about your brand and using them as ambassadors through the social Web.

Pinterest is a great addition to your community-building efforts because it integrates well with visually-oriented campaigns or products that focus on their appearance for appeal. Each platform needs a different format: Facebook is great for discussions, Twitter for quick updates and instant feedback, and Pinterest for sharing visuals. Leveraging Pinterest’s specialty in your social media mix will increase your chances of picking up new fans.


Major companies such as Windows and Dial Soap have used Pinterest to launch contests that gave fans and followers a chance to voice their ideas and opinions about the brand. Not only can Pinterest contests stimulate social sharing, but they also increase loyalty and give you a great channel to receive feedback from your client base.

Social Fresh has covered the different types of Pinterest contests, so head over there for practical advice. Contests on Pinterest are in their infancy, so don’t wait until Pinterest users are flooded with contest requests (like on Facebook) and take advantage of this relatively wild territory before it is colonized by your competitors.

Does your company have a Pinterest strategy? How do you leverage the visual Web for the benefit of your brand?

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