Is It Survivor Time or Christmas?

Is It Survivor Time or Christmas?

With the Xmas season fast approaching, there are a lot of demands on our time and pressures mount as the Xmas party season hits full speed. This article is just a few hints to help keep the wolves at bay and help you sail through the party season without too much damage. Remember, whatever you add to over the next few weeks will all have to be dealt with come January. And, wouldn’t it be just a little easier to step back, take a little control and soften the blow. After all, wouldn’t it be so cool to be one of those rare people that can actually claim in January that not an extra pound was put on? You have all been working so hard. A little indulgence with some control will do no damage, but let’s try and limit that ok?

Some tips to survive the next 4 weeks and come out alive and healthy on the other end.

1) Maintain routine as much as possible. Try to follow your regular schedule of eating, sleeping and exercise as much as possible. This will help to reduce stress.

2) Minimize shopping stress. Try to be as organized as possible. Possibly try on-line shopping or gift cards to help save yourself time. You can then use these extra moments to keep up your exercise routine.

3) Get the family involved in your exercise plans. Before or after a meal, gather everyone together and go for a walk around the neighborhood. A perfect time to say hi to neighbors and see the xmas lights.

For the many xmas parties that abound here are some special survivor tips:

1) Try try to have a light snack before attending a cocktail part or dinner. A salad or a piece of fruit or some raw veggies will help take the edge off your hunger.

2) Never go to the grocery store with a growling stomach – once again try to have a little snack before grocery shopping. Have you ever noticed the extra things that make their way into your shopping cart when you are hungry?

3) Try to limit your treats at parties – xmas is that special time of year when all the stops are pulled – all the goodies that you don’t have any other time of year come out. I am not one to say don’t, but let’s try and limit the damage. So instead of going full steam ahead.

4) Try picking just one treat – something different that you don’t often have a chance to enjoy.

5) Watch alcohol consumption – try once again to limit how many xmas drinks – remember the calories from alcohol add up just as fast as with all the sugary goodies. Try having a tonic water spaced throughout the night – calorie free!

Try to maintain your exercise program. Here are some tips to help you at least maintain your fitness level so when you do start back to your regular program in the New Year, you are not paying with sore muscles for the time off:.

1) do shorter cardio sessions – if you normally try to do 30-60 minutes of cardio (walking, biking, etc) break it up into 2-3 10 minute sessions spaced through out the day. Remember that exercise is cumulative; so those shorter bouts throughout the day can be effective.

2) exercise wherever you can – if you have stairs in your house, use them. Make a game of them. If you are going to mall (and who isn’t this time of year) park in the far corner and walk in.

3) if at the mall take a extra few minutes and do a couple of laps. If you want to add an extra load to your lap workout, go after your shopping when you have many bags to carry!

Here is a quick little workout you can do at home anytime. Please note that some of these exercises may not be appropriate for all people. Adjust where needed:

Body weight squats – 15 reps
Push ups – on floor or up against counter – 12 reps
Lunges – 10 reps each leg
Floor bridges – 12 reps

Do this quick little workout 3x through and done.

So, there you have it. We don’t need to watch Survivor on television this time of year. From now until January 2nd, our lives are Survivor!

Hopefully these tips will help get through the Christmas season a little easier without too much damage to make up for in the New Year. Don’t worry about being perfect this time of year – you will just set yourself up for failure and give up.

Forget all the rules, go ahead bend a little if you need to, but do whatever it takes to keep yourself moving. The biggest obstacle most people have trouble with at Christmas is maintaining movement and keeping up a routine with their exercise program. Remember that exercise is the very best stress reliever.

Till next time,

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