TeaTox – Oh Crap, They’ve done it again!

With their incredible Instagram marketing, paired with ‘claim to fame’ before and after results and the idea of achieving something for nothing; TeaTox companies are taking the industry by storm. We all want results yesterday, minimal effort exceptional results. What have we become?

Like anything – before I start ‘slagging off’ (as the Brits call it) this new market trend, I jumped on the bandwagon and decided to try it out for myself. Committed to their 28 day teatox; I was on a journey to see what the hype was all about. When I received the tea, it looked as if I received a parcel from Amsterdam – mega dodgy. I read through the instructions and started straight away with my first cup. The taste alone was enough to make me lose my lunch (perhaps this was the idea?) It was like a cross between swamp water and as my roommate described it ‘warmed up crap’. Nonetheless – I plugged my nose and threw it down the hatch.

You are to replace any tea or coffee in the morning with the loose leaf tea. Now, not only are you supposed to drink the tea, you have to EAT the tea leaves – cringe-worthy. In the evenings just before going to bed, you drink the ‘colon’ cleanse tea. Now, I’m not sure if anyone has experienced the effects of ‘Ex-Lax’ but it’s the closest thing to it. This product contains Cassia Angustifolia & Rheum Officinale which produces a laxative effect and can be toxic when consumed in high doses. I felt physically sick the day after drinking the colon cleanse tea, my stomach was in knots all day. I nearly stopped the experiment all together at one point, but was keen to finish and analyse it correctly.

Now – the company provides an eating plan to their teatox-ers. This is a very generic ‘cookie cutter’ nutritional plan, which – to be fair, can be quite effective for the correct body type. They suggest eliminating all gluten (bonus points in my book) dairy, (another bonus) and sugar. Firstly, zapping those ‘nasties’ from your diet without drinking tea that makes you crap, will inevitably help you to lose weight in a hurry. Although it’s a very generic diet, I do credit the diet over the tea when it comes down to healthy sustainable weight loss. I don’t however agree with painting everyone with the same brush and recommending a nutritional plan to accommodate the masses.

Did it work for me? No. It didn’t. Now – this comes down to the mere fact that my diet already excludes gluten, dairy and sugar. Despite the laxative effects I still remained the exact same weight and there was absolutely no inch loss what-so-ever. Use the diet, ditch the tea and I promise you – you will see results. Exercising is one thing, but all the hard work my friends is done in the kitchen! As the stats go; 30% is contributed to exercise, 70% to diet! A minute on the lips, a LIFETIME on the hips 😉 Nourish your body with delicious AND nutritious foods. As always -please feel free to contact me should you have any questions.

Stay Well & Big Love x

Samantha Skelly

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