Are you fit for love?

Are you fit for love?

While many may not think about it, (and let’s face it, most of us don’t), love-making is an exercise. As such, it exposes your body to injury. In particular, your spine and lower abdominal muscles are at risk.

So, are you Fit for Love? The following test will help you assess your low back’s health and the ensuing exercise will help put some health “back” into your spine AND add some spice “back” into the bedroom!

The test is called “Wall Pelvic Rocks” and is designed to:
• Assess your back mobility
• Abdominal and low back muscles function
• Teach you about the long-term dangers of poor pelvic mobility on the health of your lumbar spine

Now here’s the test:

1. Stand with your back against a wall and knees extended straight
2. Keep your head, shoulders and buttocks touching the wall throughout the test
3. Tilt your pelvis backwards so your buttocks slide up the wall and your lower back arches.
4. Tilt your pelvis forwards so your buttocks slide down the wall and your lower back flattens.

How did you do? Check your score:

Good: Able to tilt pelvis pain-free and easily in both directions WITHOUT any other body part coming off the wall – Congratulation, you are Fit for Love!!

Needs work: If you can barely move your pelvis and/or feel muscle weakness or tightness in either direction of movement.

Seek professional help: If you experience any back or leg pain while doing this test

Exercise Solution: The test is also the exercise! Perform this pelvic rocking movement laying on the floor, in a chair and against a wall – over time you will be able to move more, feel stronger in you abdominals and best of all be Fit For Love!!

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