Give your head a shake – uncovering the ‘Shake Weight’ fallacy

The Shake Weight – if you’ve been summoned into purchasing a Shake Weight and laughed at the ‘results’ – you’re not alone. You may be gullible, but you and thousands have fallen for this fitness fad. I’m throwing my manners to the side as its’ most definitely one of the oddest fitness inventions to date.

Don’t get me wrong – give me a few tequilas, a Mexican hat and a dance floor and I’ll shake a maraca until I’m blue in the face – however, as a means to lose weight and tone? Your time would be better watching paint dry.

Of course like any ‘revolutionary’ gimmick that saturates the industry,  I needed to shake my way through this fitness fad to see what all the racket was all about. I shook this god forsaken foreign object for 6 minutes a day as prescribed by the shaking gurus. After managing and measuring my results (or lack thereof) there were no changes what so ever.  Well – that’s 180 minutes of my life I will never get back. Oh we just love wasting time on ‘miracle’ fitness fads – amiright?

The product is based around something called ‘Dynamic Inertia’ which engages the muscles in the arms, chest and shoulders, which is claimed to be ‘300 times more beneficial’ than standard free weights. Yeah? Evidence please?!

The slightly pornographic resemblance is responsible for the product going viral. It’s been said and said again ‘Sex Sells’ and this is just one more thing to confirm this – just don’t buy it, that’s illegal. Fact.

A few shakes a day is not an adequate amount of tension for your muscles to grow and become stronger. You need a more substantial and sufficient amount of resistance in order to see results the ‘Shake Weight’ promises. This may be fun, it may be entertaining – but it’s anything but effective.

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